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Swindon Groundworks – An Overview Of The Process

Swindon groundworks: It is vital not to underestimate the importance of this phase of any building project. It may be frustrating, because what you as a developer want to see is a building going up. But without proper preparation to ensure the site is safe and any structure is built on firm foundations, a project is almost destined to fail.

So what steps do groundworks Gloucestershire typically entail? First of all, any existing structures on the site will usually need to be demolished safely, to clear the way for new building. Next, the site will be thoroughly investigated to ensure that there are no issues or potential issues that could compromise either the safety of the builders while work is in progress or the integrity of the erection once complete. This may involve analysis of previous uses of the land as well as its stability and hydrology. The site will then be cleared of all debris and topsoil in the areas where building is to take place. At this point, the ground will most likely be levelled, especially if it lies on a slope. Work can then begin on the excavating and laying of foundations. The groundworks phase will usually take the construction work from foundation and basement level up to the underside of the lowest floors of the erection, including damp-proofing to this level. All this work must be carried out before the builders Gloucestershire can begin the process of constructing the building above ground that you and others will see once work is complete.

Because Swindon groundworks underpin the whole building, it’s essential that this phase is carried out effectively. For expert help with your project, why not get in touch with us at Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd? You can see case studies and testimonials for our previous work on our website, Call us today on 01242 220 572.