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Prestbury Builders – Who Is Responsible For Meeting Building Regulations Requirements?

Prestbury builders, like all UK builders, have responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of the Building Regulations are met when it comes to carrying out certain types of building work. They do, however, share this responsibility with the owner of the land or building in question.

Although the builder holds accountability to a large degree, it is usually the owner who will be served with any enforcement notice if things go wrong. As the client, therefore, it is essential that you appoint the right builders Gloucestershire for your project. This makes it more likely that you will avoid financial loss and damage to your project and your reputation further down the line. So when is approval required under the Building Regulations? Generally, the regulations will apply if you are erecting a new building, or extending or altering the use of an existing one. You may also need permission if you intend to add certain new services or fittings within a building, such as replacement windows, washing and sanitary facilities and so on. If you’re in any doubt, it is always worth checking with your builders that the necessary permissions have been applied for. What are the penalties if your builders Cheltenham contravene the Building Regulations? In short, the local authority can pursue a prosecution, which if successful, can result in an unlimited fine against the building firm. It can also insist that the work is rectified or demolished completely. Employ a reputable firm with the right experience and track record to ensure you do not end up with a controversial and potentially expensive failed development.

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