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House Builders In Cheltenham – Why Building Regulations Are Important

House builders in Cheltenham are responsible for ensuring that the building regulations are complied with during all relevant developments and construction work. Ultimately, though, it is the landowner who will be held accountable, financially and legally, by the local planning authorities if any remedial action needs to be taken.

Given this, you should ensure you have a good idea of when the Building Regulations apply and why, before embarking on any construction project. The short answer is that if you are contracting with builders Gloucestershire to erect a new building, or to extend, or alter an existing one, then Building Regulations will normally come into play. In broad terms, these rules exist to ensure that any new or existing building is constructed or altered safely for the people who use it and for anyone living or working in the vicinity. The regulations cover a wide spectrum of potential hazards of which the following are just a few examples. In terms of altering the structure of a building, for instance, then any such changes must be made without risk of causing instability to neighbouring buildings. Alterations must take into account the ways in which people will use the building in future, so there is no risk of collapse under a heavier weight of walls, furniture and the persons within. Fire safety standards protect users in the event of fire, and adequate sound-proofing, ventilation and energy efficiency are also provided for. The regulations also cover the use of types of materials by builders Cheltenham, preventing, for instance, toxic materials being used in insulation measures.

Because the framework can be complex, it is important that you, the landowner, hires reputable and knowledgeable house builders in Cheltenham to carry out any alterations or fresh building work. You can trust Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd in this respect. See our website at for case studies on our previous projects or discuss your project with us at an early stage on 01242 220 572.