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Groundworks Worcester – Checking A Builder’s Credentials – CPCS Or CSCS Cards

Groundworks Worcester involve a range of tasks and jobs designed to make sure that a construction site is both safe and properly prepared for the building to take place on it. If you are looking for groundwork services, you will want to know the work will be carried out to a sufficiently high standard.

One thing to check is that the firm you are choosing employs workers with the right credentials. You may see on companies’ websites that its employees are CPCS/ CSCS trained and certified. But what does this mean in practice? CPCS stands for the Construction Plant Competence Scheme, while CSCS is the abbreviation for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. Both schemes seek to raise standards in the construction industry. They issue cards to builders Gloucestershire and throughout the UK who can demonstrate competence and experience in various aspects of work on building sites in the UK. As well as proving that workers have the right levels of skills and expertise to undertake the job in hand, they also demonstrate that the individuals have had training and instruction on health, safety and environment standards. This therefore demonstrates that they have the knowledge necessary to mitigate risk of accident or illness whilst on site. You should expect any good groundworks Gloucestershire company to be able to provide evidence that its employees or subcontractors meet the national standards required. This will all go towards ensuring that your project will be carried out professionally and to a sufficiently high quality standard.

All our employees at Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd are CPCS/ CSCS trained and certified. More than that, we ensure that continuing training is undertaken so that our workers are completely up to date with health and safety and other building regulations and provisions. For groundworks Worcester services you can trust, see our website at or call us on 01242 220 572.