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Groundworks In Swindon – What Does A Site Investigation Typically Entail?

Groundworks in Swindon – what does this phase of the construction process typically involve? If you have a piece of land to be developed, the very first step is to ensure the ground is suitable for building. It is vital that this investigation and assessment is done correctly, as it sets the tone for the remainder of the project.

In the early stages, the land will be subject to this process to ensure it is safe for builders Gloucestershire to erect buildings on. The investigation concentrates on looking at what the land has been used for prior to this point. It will usually focus on, for example, the type of soil and whether that has been contaminated in any way by chemicals, or other pollutants in the past. It will consider the geology for evidence of the risk of landslides or subsidence. It will also consider the hydrology – looking at issues such as drainage and run-off, the presence of any natural springs, or whether the soil is or is likely to become waterlogged. It will take into account any previous structures that have existed on the site, such as old mines or earthworks, as well as any future plans for buildings or excavations in the immediate vicinity. The purposes of this phase of groundworks Gloucestershire is not only to determine whether there are any factors that will impact on future building works. It is also to identify potential health and safety hazards that may affect the construction phase itself. As you can see, this type of investigation is essential to determine whether the site is suitable for the building that is planned on it.

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