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Groundworks Gloucester - What Type Of Foundations Does My Development Need?

Groundworks Gloucester teams are responsible for all aspects of groundwork, including the building of foundations. You may not have thought about the part of the building that lies underground, but they play a vital part in maintaining the integrity of a completed building. Here are some details of the types of foundations and when they might be used.

Essentially, the purpose of foundations is to support the structures that are built above them. They take the weight of the upper building and transfer that across to layers of rock or soil that are capable of bearing the load. The nature of the rock or soil must also be taken into account to ensure that settlement or subsidence are not issues as time goes on. The types of foundations vary enormously from structure to structure, depending on the particular building’s nature and its future use. Builders Gloucestershire with the appropriate skills and experience will have the capacity and the ability to determine the type needed on a case-by–case basis. However, the factors that may affect this include the nature of the building; the presence of water in the area; the conditions of the ground; and the types of foundations used for other structures in the vicinity, for example. Loosely speaking, foundations will be either shallow or deep. Shallow foundations are sufficient where the structure will only impose a relatively low load compared to the surface soils’ bearing capacity. If the bearing capacity of the soils is not adequate for the load of the building, deeper foundations are necessary. Groundworks Gloucestershire is therefore a skilled job best carried out by experts.

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