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Groundworks Barnsley – What Tasks Are Carried Out During The Groundwork Phase?

Groundworks Barnsley: the term ‘groundwork’ is a mystery to many people. Whether you’re interested in a career in construction or are planning a development project, you may not appreciate the range of tasks carried out by ground workers on site. Here are some specific examples of what the team might do on any particular project.

A groundworks Gloucestershire team helps carry out any initial work needed on a construction project to clear the site and prepare it in readiness for any building work to be carried out. This could mean facilitating the building of an individual structure or an entire development project, from a house, supermarket or factory to an entire housing estate. If there are existing structure on the site that are no longer needed, these will be demolished and the groundwork team will remove the debris and level the site. They might also be needed to create good access routes to the development project, to ensure ease of access and transporting materials. Drainage and pipework will need to be laid and connected to the nearest mains as well. Only once all this preparation is done will the builders Gloucestershire carrying out the groundwork will begin to excavate in order to lay the foundations of the building/s. They are responsible for the entire substructure: in other words, the part of the building that is underground. This may involve stabilising the ground by creating retaining walls through a variety of methods to prevent collapse at a future date. In all, the ground workers will take the foundations up to the level of the ground floor, including installing damp proofing courses as necessary.

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