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Gloucester Builders – Controlling Quality In Construction

Gloucester builders are well aware of the importance of quality to any building project. Any failure to adhere to the correct standards can result in rising costs, delays to the overall delivery of the project and in the worst cases, can cause breaches of health and safety. These can result in injury or even death.

One of the main ways to effectively keep control over quality in any building project is to clearly define and set standards at the very outset. This is why the design and planning stages are so important. At this time, decisions are made about the specifications of the building, the types and standards of materials that will be used and how they are expected to perform when the construction phase is complete. Before you approach your builders Gloucestershire, therefore, you should work with the design team to ensure that expectations are laid down in as much detail as possible. These should then inform your decision as to which firm of builders Gloucester you employ to take on the job. Select a firm with a good reputation for delivering projects according to the plans and specifications laid down. You can check whether a particular firm has what it takes by talking to previous clients about work carried out for them. Be aware, though, things rarely run 100% according to plan on any construction project: what separates a good firm of builders from a great one is how they have reacted in the past to issues that arose unexpectedly. Again, the best measure is to talk to referees about how quality has been maintained in such situations in the past.

Our vast experience across a range of different types of construction projects places Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd at the forefront of Gloucester builders. See what we have achieved on previous projects on our website ( and then speak to us on 01242 220 572 about our approach to maintaining quality.