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General Builders Gloucester – What Are Subcontractors?

General builders Gloucester may well use subcontractors on your project – it’s something you should definitely establish with your construction company before any documentation is signed and work proceeds. But, what are subcontractors? Why are they used and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Building projects are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated as technology moves on and the requirements of building regulations become more detailed. It is therefore no longer as likely that one single construction firm will have all of the required skills among their existing team of builders Gloucestershire to see a whole project through from start to finish. Instead of seeking to employ representatives of every trade, which would prove expensive if they then had to be laid off between projects, a construction firm will typically use subcontractors to carry out particular phases of the works. They may hire plumbers, steelworkers, or individuals with civil engineering experience, as and when necessary. This allows the main contractor to undertake larger or more complicated projects with less risk. While it is standard practice throughout the construction industry, and allows for flexibility, some of the disadvantages can outweigh the benefits. When hiring unknown subcontractors in, for example, the main contractor will not have the same degree of control over the quality of their work. The contractor cannot guarantee that these temporary builders Gloucester have the same level of skills and training as their existing staff. And this may put the health and safety of other workers at risk.

Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd is a general builders Gloucester that is equipped to work on larger, more complex projects. We rely less on subcontractors and more on the varied and wide-ranging skills of our existing team. See the range of services we offer in-house at, and feel free to call us on 01242 220 572 to discuss how we work.