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Cotswold Construction – When Do You Need Planning Permission?

Cotswold construction, as with elsewhere in the UK, is subject to certain restrictions under UK law. In general terms, the owner of the land or property to be developed is responsible for ensuring that any building work complies with the appropriate planning rules and building regulations.

The planning system is in place to protect local residents, workers and visitors to an area from developments that might adversely affect their lives. The local planning authority is responsible for deciding what work can and cannot be carried out. Failing to meet its requirements can result in the landowner being obliged to rectify any transgressions after the event. This can require them to carry out remedial work or even having to demolish any construction that does not meet with approval. Nobody wishes to throw money away and so it is sensible to fully check what do’s and don’ts apply in the case of your project before work by your builders Gloucestershire commences. So when are you likely to need planning permission? There are three main scenarios, but the rules can be complicated, so if you are considering any of the following projects, it is well worth checking with the local planning authority whether permission is required. Firstly, give your local planning office the opportunity to comment if you are erecting an entirely new building. Secondly, consult the authorities if you are carrying out any major changes to existing buildings. Thirdly, if your proposals make significant changes to the local environment you should also ask if permission is needed before builders Cheltenham begin any work.

While the landowner is responsible for obtaining planning permission for any proposed Cotswold construction, you will also need a reliable and reputable construction firm to demonstrate that the work will be carried out to the required high standard. At Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd, we excel at this. See our website at for details of our previous projects.