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Cotswold Builders Acting As Contractors For A Construction Site

Cotswold builders firms that are large and well established enough companies will often act as the main contractor on a building site. But what does this entail and what does it mean for the client who hires them to conduct the project? This article outlines some of the roles the contractors play on a construction site.

A main contractor has overall responsibility for overseeing the building site on a day-to-day basis. He may be appointed by the architect who has drawn up the plans, the site engineer, or the client who owns and wishes to develop the piece of land in question. The contractor’s first role is to assess the job at hand and produce a realistic, itemised costing of the work in line with the client’s requirements. This will be presented as an estimate or bid, giving the price of the project and taking into account items such as labour, materials and equipment. If appointed, he will also often be responsible for providing the necessary surveying and engineering of the site, and applying for any necessary building permissions. When work commences, he will arrange for the securing of the site, and ensuring good access and the necessary utilities and facilities are available. The contractor will manage the builders Gloucestershire on-site, co-ordinating each phase of the project and bringing in the various trades at the right time in order to see the building through to completion. As well as keeping records and ensuring the build runs to schedule, he is also obliged to make sure the builders Cheltenham dispose of or recycle waste in the proper way.

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