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Cotswold Builder Projects – Consulting The Local Community

Cotswold builder projects, in order to run smoothly, and be successful over the longer term, must take into consideration a number of important factors. It’s essential, for example, that interested parties in the local area are notified about the work you are carrying out and that their interests taken into account.

If you take the time to consult the community and other interested parties, such as the local parish or town council, you have an opportunity to explain why the development would be beneficial to them. You are able to resolve any potential misunderstandings or tensions about the disruption likely to be caused by the work itself while it is in progress. It is also an opportunity to outline any positive effects the work will have for the area, such as the creation of new jobs and homes. The builders Cheltenham can take note of any concerns about disruption to local infrastructure, for instance, and take steps to plan work so as to cause minimal inconvenience to local residents. They can also assure them of the measures that will be put in place to ensure that the work will be carried out safely and responsibly. Having local people onside can actually help when it comes to securing planning permission from the local authority, as planning officers will take their views into account before granting any application. These are all good reasons why landowners and builders Gloucestershire are advised to carry out public consultations before beginning any large scale project such as a residential housing or commercial development.

As a responsible and reputable Cotswold builder, Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd can help support your proposals for building work in the area. Our health and safety record and adherence to high quality standards of work can help set the community’s mind at rest that your development will be carried out professionally and safely. See our website at or call us on 01242 220 572 for details of our building services.