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Construction Gloucester – Managing Hazards On-site To Minimise Risk

Construction Gloucester, like elsewhere, is a hazardous business. Every year, construction workers are injured or killed as a result of the dangerous on-site conditions. Others contract work-related conditions such as asbestosis or white-finger. But, it is not just builders who can suffer. The public, especially children, also face risks if the activities on-site are not sufficiently well managed.

Such accidents and injuries can cause, at best, a delay to any building project. At worst, it can result in financial penalties and a loss of reputation. This, of course, is alongside the physical trauma caused to the builders Gloucestershire or anyone else injured during the course of construction. But whose responsibility is the health and safety of workers and public alike? In fact, it is down to every member of the team to identify and then manage the risks that are present. Everyone from the client to those who run the construction company, site managers and supervisors, the employees, and any subcontractors or self-employed workers on site - all have their role to play. So what are the most common accidents likely to occur? There are dangers from falls, if proper safety measures such as guard rails and toe boards are not provided on platforms. There are hazards presented by heavy machinery operating on-site. Falling building materials and structural collapses cause many injuries and deaths each year. Electrocution is a very real risk from unsafe equipment or overhead/ buried cables. Trips, slips and falls occur, particularly when access is not properly managed. Many of these can be prevented through proper awareness and management of the risks.

Our builders Gloucester at Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd take health and safety onsite extremely seriously. We put the safety of our staff and anyone else who comes into contact with our work first. We’re fully CDM 1994, compliant and prepare a health and safety assessment for every site we work on. For safe construction Gloucester, visit our website at