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Construction Cheltenham – What Are The Differences Between Building Regulations And Planning Permission?

Construction Cheltenham schemes are governed by a range of regulations designed to manage and control standards in the building industry. But what are the differences between planning permission and building regulations and which will your contractor need to take note of in any works carried out on your behalf?

It’s widely recognised that the construction of new buildings or the alteration of existing ones requires permission of some sort. Planning regulations are designed to monitor and govern the ways that cities, towns and the countryside develop. Cheltenham builders may need planning permission, for instance, if they wish to erect a new building; make major changes to an existing one; or otherwise alter the landscape of the area. It seeks to minimise any negative effects on other people who live and work in the vicinity. Building regulations, on the other hand, are there to set specific standards for the design and build of new structures and significant alterations to existing ones. These standards are aimed at the safety and good health of those who use the buildings. They lay down criteria for energy efficiency and make provisions for easy access to the building, inside and out, for both able-bodied and those with disabilities. Remember, alongside both these regulations, there are also health and safety regulations which must be adhered to. These are equally as important, if not more so. All three must be taken into consideration by any responsible builders Gloucestershire. If there is any doubt as to what kind of permissions you need for types of work, the local planning authority should be consulted.

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