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Cheltenham House Builders – Build A Good Working Relationship With Your Contractor

Cheltenham house builders have been chosen for your project, and it’s time to start seeing some progress on your build. How do you ensure that the work gets done to time and within budget while still maintaining a good working relationship with your contractors for the duration of the project?

Clearly, the onus falls on both parties to make sure the lines of communication stay open, but here are three tips to make sure your builders Gloucestershire see the project through to a satisfactory conclusion. Firstly, you should already have agreed on a schedule of payments. It’s imperative that you stick to the agreement as far as possible. The contractor will need to buy materials, pay his employees and any subcontractors and foot the bills from any other suppliers. Any deviation from the payment schedule may result in work having to slow down, or even stop altogether – which could be disastrous for your budget. Secondly, it’s important that you remain as accessible and approachable as possible throughout the project. Ongoing communication is vital. There are times when your contractor needs you to make a big decision in a hurry, to stop work falling below standard or behind schedule. If you can’t be available during working hours for any reason, do you have a project manager or other experienced person you can authorise to make decisions on your behalf? Finally, if your Cheltenham builders have done a good job, they will really appreciate you feeding back to others about that. Nothing is valued more highly than a word of mouth referral, so don’t be afraid to tell others what your construction company has done well!

At Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd, we value our relationships with our clients – so much so that most of our work comes through direct referrals and repeat business. If you’d like some advice from expert Cheltenham house builders on your building project, we’re always happy to discuss. Call us on 01242 220 572 or contact us via our website at