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Cheltenham Construction – Will My Project Need An Environmental Impact Assessment?

Cheltenham construction, like that across the rest of the UK, is subject to various pieces of legislation and other rules and regulation. One important requirement for some projects is the carrying out of an Environmental Impact Assessment (β€˜EIA’). This forms part of the planning application process. But what is an EIA and which developments are required to have one carried out?

The requirement for an EIA is laid down in the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2011. Such an assessment must generally take place for large-scale or environmentally complex projects. Its purpose is to make certain that any proposed development which could cause major environmental effects on its surroundings identifies these, takes them into account and takes steps to mitigate any negative impacts. Final decisions on whether permission is granted to carry out the development and any adjustments that must be put in place are made by the local planning authority. There are a large number of types of development which, subject to size and location, may need to be subject to an EIA. These are laid down in Schedule 2 of the Regulations. They include, for instance, development of industrial estates, construction of shopping centres, construction of roads, tourism and leisure facilities and so on. If builders Gloucestershire are unsure whether an EIA is required for a particular development, then they can ask the local planning authority for a screening opinion. Any good Cheltenham builders should be ready to offer a prospective client advice on whether a screening opinion should be sought.

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