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Cheltenham Construction Services – What Are Civil Engineering Works?

Cheltenham construction services come in all shapes and sizes. From small businesses that will repair a garden wall or erect a conservatory to large scale projects building housing developments or shopping precincts, there is huge variation across the industry. You’ll see some firms that advertise civil engineering as one of their areas of expertise.

But what does this mean in practice? Simply put, civil engineering is a professional discipline that involves the design and build of public works, such as roads, railways, dams, bridges, canals and buildings in the physical and natural environment in which we live. It is one of the oldest forms of engineering, recognised only after military engineering. In terms of firms of builders Gloucestershire that advertise these services, their role is to turn designs and plans into reality. On a day to day basis, this might include a whole range of roles and responsibilities. Some of the more common ones include conducting site investigations on land that is to be built on. This takes place before work on constructing foundations can begin and involves testing the land for its suitability for building. It may involve running the groundworks phase of the project, to clear the site and set out foundations plus access roads when required. And when the full construction project is underway, Cheltenham builders managing civil engineering projects will have responsibility for ensuring that the work carried out adheres to legal requirements. They will also seek to maintain the smooth running of building projects, aiming to ensure that the work is carried out within budget and to timescale.

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