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Cheltenham Builder – Broad Overview Of The Setting Out Process During Construction

Cheltenham builder services, when advertised on the internet or elsewhere, may include the term ‘setting out’. If you are wondering what this term means and how it applies to your building project, here is a brief explanation of what it is and why it is important at the start, and throughout of the project.

The purpose of setting a new building out prior to construction is to make sure the building process carried out by your builders Cheltenham exactly follows the plan drawn up by the architect. It will clearly define the outline of the building and the required excavations through reference points and markers. You may also hear the process called construction or building surveying. Before the actual marking out can take place, there must be a survey of the land as it is, to ensure all relevant details can be taken into account. This may include the topography of the land, what existing buildings are on site or in the vicinity, and what existing infrastructure lies below ground levels – drainage and water pipes, for instance. Once the site has been cleared of debris, the corners of the building lot are laid out. Reference points and markers are set down to guide the construction of the new building. These begin to form a three dimensional footprint of the building and allow levels to be set to ensure that as the building rises upwards, it does not deviate from the original horizontal and vertical measurements. At the end of the project, an ‘as-built’ survey will be carried out to ensure that the builders Gloucestershire have followed the exact specifications laid down in the plan.

Now you understand what setting out is and why it is important, you need to find a Cheltenham Builder with experience and expertise in carrying out the process. Contact Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd – we have the skills and resources you need. You’ll find our website at or you can call us on 01242 220 572.