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Building Contractors Gloucester – Duties Plus Responsibilities

Building contractors Gloucester – if you are about to hire a firm of contractors for the first time, it is important to understand their role in your building project. This article looks at the main duties and responsibilities a contractor has when constructing a domestic or commercial project on your behalf.

A building contractor is the individual who will be involved in the process of planning, developing and co-ordinating the activities that have to do with the erection or alteration of a building structure. They will oversee the builders Gloucestershire who work on your project, making sure that each phase is carried out safely and in accordance with the necessary legal and best practice frameworks. They will plan how and in what order the project will be carried out as well as appointing and overseeing the workers who conduct each task. Additionally, they have overall responsibility for ensuring that the final product – the physical construction or alteration work – is delivered on time and to budget. Usually, unless otherwise specified in the contract, the contractor is responsible for the sourcing and purchasing of all relevant building materials as well. These must comply with legal requirements and with any specifications laid down by the client at the time the contract is agreed. Finally, the contractor is accountable for the health and safety of the builders Gloucester working on the site. This is in addition to that of any visitors or other stakeholders in and around the vicinity, so they must have a good and up to date working knowledge of health and safety laws.

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