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Building Contractors Cheltenham – Planning Site Clearance Prior To Construction

Building contractors Cheltenham cannot underestimate the importance of planning when it comes to site clearance for any project. Do this in the right way and the future site will be a safer place for workers and visitors alike. Waste disposal will not contravene any laws and the process can be managed properly, keeping the local community on-side.

Here are a few examples of how advance planning of the site clearance process will help smooth the way for future development. For instance, it will enable the builders Gloucestershire to identify and take into account any legal procedures that may apply to the disposal of the differing types of debris that remain onsite. This can prevent financial penalties, future delays, or indeed total cessation of work, which can occur if the required authorities are not content that the proper requirements have been followed. Proper planning by your builders Cheltenham can also demonstrate to the local community that the work is being carried out in a safe and structured way that will not put them at risk. By informing them adequately about changes to public access in and around the site, or any disruptions to utilities such as water supply, you can minimise the risk of complaints and ill will towards the project. On a practical level, a proper planning process will ensure that the work to be carried out happens in a logical order. This can help reduce the costs both to the builder and to the client equally and make sure the project is completed within a reasonable timescale.

As expert building contractors Cheltenham, we at Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd can plan your site clearance effectively to minimise risks to your construction project. To discuss a site clearance or any other aspect of groundworks, or general building projects, call us on 01242 220 572. Alternatively, take a look at our website at for details of our services.