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Builders Prestbury – Understanding Site Clearance

Builders Prestbury carry out many important roles on a building site. But one of the most critical to getting a building project underway, and its future smooth running is site clearance. This involves the removal of any buildings or machinery from the piece of land in question and the levelling and preparation of the landscape for building.

You may think that there is not much skill involved in preparing the ground for future work and that it is just a case of hard work and a lot of skips. But this is not so. This phase of the project is critical for a variety of reasons. For instance, it is important that the safety of the builders Gloucestershire and others who will be working on the site in future is taken into account. Good quality site clearance services will plan ahead to ensure that all potential hazards are removed and that exit and access routes are clear for future work. They will also take into account the impact on the wider community. Will there be any interference in utilities supplies such as water, electricity and gas, for example? If so, this needs to be communicated to the local people and steps taken to minimise the inconvenience as much as possible. Site clearance done in the proper way will also identify any potentially harmful debris or land contamination and make sure steps are taken to dispose of unwanted materials in a safe and environmentally friendly way. If you employ experienced builders Cheltenham, you should find that all these factors and more are well-managed to get your building project off to a flying start.

We, at Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd, have the experience and expertise to carry out site clearance projects. We are well established builders Prestbury with a reputation and safety record to match. If you’d like to contact us about a project, see our website at or call us on 01242 220 572 to discuss today.