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Builders Cheltenham can help you lay the foundations for your new self-build project. If you’re starting from scratch on a new home then you’ll need to employ specialists to undertake any initial site clearance and foundation work. While it’s tempting to shoulder as much of the work as possible yourself on such a project, there are some aspects of the work that require specialist input, particularly if you’re dealing with existing structures that you wish to demolish safely. Hiring specialist builders Gloucestershire can start your project off right, even if you wish to do much of the actual building as cheaply as possible.

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Site clearance is usually one of the first key considerations you’ll encounter in your self-build project. Many self-build developments take place on land that has been previously utilised as a dwelling or commercial property. A good Cotswold construction company can prepare the ground for your new home as economically and professionally as possible. The cost of demolishing an existing house can range from £6,000 to £15,000, depending on the size of the site. However, if you deal with the right company then you can offset some costs with salvaged material. The key here is to hire a demolition contractor who you can trust and who understands the requirements of your project. They can also advise on how easy it will be to connect existing service connections such as electricity, water and sewerage to your new property. These provide definite benefits when developing an existing plot as opposed to a virgin site and there may be scope to reuse or dispose of some elements of non-toxic waste on the new site - in drives and paths for example. The complexity of the site you’re trying to clear will dictate how long it will take but, typically, you’re looking at four to eight days. Beware, too, that many old structures contain asbestos in cladding and roofing. The rules governing the removal of this dangerous substance are rightly complex and you’ll need to consult a specialist Cheltenham builder to ensure that you dispose of it carefully. Remember that a good builder can advise on your options.

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When you’re planning a new property, even on an existing site, it’s wise to consider whether you need planning permission. The policies on replacement dwellings vary across the UK and you shouldn’t assume uniformity from one local authority to the next. Good Cotswold builders will advise on this. Also, beware of conversions where complete demolition of the existing structure may invalidate any consent. When you think about all that is involved, then the advantages of dealing with experienced Cheltenham builders become clear. As an example, when demolishing a house, the first step is typically to cut off and cap services such as the sewer and mains connections, along with utilities like telephone lines, gas and electricity. Then fencing and scaffolding must be erected as required. After that, any hazardous material such as asbestos must be removed. At this point, the more visible loose aspects of the internal structure are removed, such as kitchen items and bathroom suites, as well as things like electrical cabling and plumbing. Doors and window frames are taken out, plus items of external timber, after which the roof is stripped. Once the structural timbers are removed, then the walls will be demolished. At this stage there should be plenty of salvageable material such as bricks; and any unwanted materials must be removed from the site. Then the remainder can be broken up, along with any redundant foundation structures. This process can sound overwhelming and that’s why good building contractors Cheltenham can help you with site demolition. Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd are experts in the field.

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At Greenbase Groundworks and Construction Ltd, we are experts in site clearance and demolition. We’ve worked on projects big and small and are considered to be one of the premier builders Cheltenham specialising in groundwork. We offer civil engineering solutions perfectly suited to your current project. If you’re starting a new-build from scratch and need groundwork services then we’re happy to advise and undertake any work. Call us today for an informal chat on 01242 220 572 or visit our website at We’re proud of our reputation in Cheltenham and beyond, and we are confident that you won’t find more competent builders Gloucestershire to assist your new project.