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Builder Cheltenham – How To Draw Up A Detailed Specification For Your Project

Builder Cheltenham needed for a project you are about to commission? Before you begin shortlisting possible companies to work on your development, it is always helpful to draw up a specification for the work you want done. This can assist the building companies you approach to estimate more accurately how much the work may cost; and ensure quality of build.

Firstly, let’s look at what detail should go into a specification. Broadly, the purpose of such a document is to describe the materials that you want used in your building project. This can be everything from the colour of brick to the quality or type of mortar used. It will also specify the standards of workmanship required. It’s important to note that the specification document will not replace architect’s drawings or a schedule of works; nor does it lay down for instance how much of each material will be needed. It stands alongside these documents. What it is useful for, however, is to make it clear to your Cheltenham builders what work needs to be done; what materials are to be used; and the standard of finish required. This prevents any misunderstanding further down the line. For domestic projects, clearly the document will contain much less detail, but you should be careful to include all your expectations – if rubble is to be removed from the site, for instance; or if only new bricks are to be used in building. Bigger projects have far more formal and complex specifications which usually develop alongside the design of the building. A good builders Gloucestershire will work with you to ensure that the specification for your project is as complete as it can be.

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